by artists for artists

Meet the Lanced Ambassadors

Caroline Finn

Choreographer & Artistic Director @BRÜCKEREI

"I believe this platform has the potential to revolutionize the way individual artists, companies, and institutions interact with one another – building the necessary bridges to enable people to benefit from invaluable resources and establishing a hub in which all aspects of producing, engaging, and creating can exist."

Kalin Morrow

Freelance Dancer, Teacher & Actress

“We pride ourselves in our strong community connections, but often lose ourselves in the time it takes to network and the multiple jobs we take on in order to complete a project. This missing time in the drive to connect is a gap that Lanced can fill; an efficient support system that leaves more time for creatives to be creative.”

Ida Zenna

Freelance Dance/Theater Photographer

"I believe Lanced bridges the gap between artists and institutions and will redefine how we connect and recruit within the community by allowing for more effective and intuitive connectivity."

Evan Schwarz

Artistic Director @Henny Jurriëns Studio

“Embarking on a Renaissance of Arts and Culture, it only seems fitting that we change with these times. I believe ‘Lanced’ is the platform that will transform how we build our artistic connections, find new collaborators and continue to elevate the artistic process.”

Marie-Louise Hertog

Dancer @MIR Dance Company

The new Lanced app is a game-changer for artists and companies! Say goodbye to endless searching – Lanced has got your back! Lanced is all about building a supportive community and making networking and organizing your auditions a breeze. With its focus on inclusivity, transparency, innovation and fostering collaborations, Lanced is truly the future of how we connect and collaborate in our industry!"

Ido Gidron

Dancer & Choreographer | Ex-Batsheva

"There has never been a multi-layered platform that collects information, organizes open calls & auditions and builds a significant bridge between employers and employees. I believe that Lanced will improve the communication and efficiency between collaborations and most importantly creates more accessibility & opportunity for artists."

Isabelle Nelson

Dancer, Choreographer & Film Director

“The opportunity to act as a Lanced Ambassador is an exciting step. I believe Lanced is revolutionary in creating more inclusion, access to information, transparency, making shared opportunities available, easier navigation, and cross-collaborations that will only help us grow exponentially as artists and people.”

MacKenzie Farquhar

Brand Strategist & Former Dancer

"Lanced has been developed from the ground up by artists to address the challenges and hurdles within the industry today and implements solutions that actually make meaningful impact. I am very excited to be a part of Lanced’s journey and mission!”