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Call for Ambassadors

We are excited to announce an open call for Ambassadors to join our team! As an ambassador for Lanced, you will play a crucial role in representing our mission, platform and brand both on -and offline. This is an exceptional opportunity for those well-connected and influential within the performing arts to contribute to the sector's future. We're eager to work with you!

Who We Are Looking For

We are specifically looking for connectors, established professionals, decision-makers and patrons/advocates who are well-connected to the Arts & Culture. 

  1. You possess a strong network within the Performing Arts, especially among choreographers, directors, and other key decision-makers of Theaters and Dance Companies.
  2. Or, you have a significant online presence with a substantial following and the ability to influence wide audiences.
  3. You are enthusiastic about using technology to transform the sector and promoting innovative tools like the ones we develop at Lanced.
  4. You are self-motivated, with excellent communication and networking skills, and are interested in establishing new connections. 

Your Responsibilities

We don't make things too complicated for you and give you the space to move at your own pace. However, you do have some responsibilities as a Lanced Ambassador:

  1. Represent Lanced in diverse settings and introduce our platform to new audiences.
  2. Engage actively in promotion campaigns coordinated by Lanced.
  3. Leverage your network to onboard new companies and collaborators to the platform.
  4. Contribute to the strategic expansion of Lanced's reach in new markets.

Your Benefits

  1. Flexible, remote work opportunity.
  2. Attractive commission-based compensation model.
  3. Be part of a passionate creative team dedicated to transforming the Performing Arts.

How to Apply

If you are excited about the possibility of becoming an ambassador for Lanced and meet the above criteria, please submit your application along with your resume, motivation and why you'd make a perfect Lanced Ambassador (including a brief description of your network/online reach). Send your applications to

Become a part of something bigger.

Lanced is an innovative and growing ArtTech startup. The company is dedicated to empowering professionals and companies within the Performing Arts by developing novel technologies and software tools that improve the way we connect and collaborate. We value innovation, community, transparency and fair practices.