Why you should NEVER work for exposure!

“We can’t pay you but we offer great exposure…” Does this sound familiar to you? Some call it exposure, we like to call it creative exploitation. But is working for ‘exposure’ worth it? In this blog, we’ll dive deeper into the ‘exposure scheme’ that pretty much every creative professional will have to deal with at […]

Guide to Freelancing for Artists 💪

The way we think about work has drastically changed in the past decade, and even more so in recent years. Fixed 9 to 5 jobs in offices have become less attractive as people have started to value their free time over money. It could even be argued that time has become the new currency of our […]

5 Tips for Freelance Artists to manage their careers 🚀

Freelancing is fun… isn’t it? Yeah, we can already hear you disagree with that statement. Freelancing can be very freeing and really awesome when you are riding a wave of opportunities. But in reality, most of the time freelancing is hard and uncertain work, especially within the Arts. So how do you master the Art […]

A Hybrid Career: The Future Of Creative Work 😎

The Future of Creative Work is Hybrid. Hybrid working is something that is becoming more common and necessary for creative professionals. And no, we don’t mean ‘hybrid’ as in working at the office vs from home. For creative professionals, hybrid working comes in 4 different ways, as mentioned in this article. Building a sustainable creative […]