Our Values

Our stance on Fair Practises

We're not just a tech company building software, we're here to stop the exploitation of artist. 



At Lanced, we are committed to fostering fair practices in the arts and creating a platform that upholds these standards. To ensure this, we exclusively offer opportunities from companies that align with our values. We rely on community-based feedback and open dialogue to hold ourselves and our partners accountable.


Fair Pay

We believe that artists should not work for free or solely for exposure. Artists deserve to be compensated fairly for their work. We denounce the exploitation of artists and advocate for transparent and equitable compensation structures that reflect the value of their contributions.


Fair Working Conditions

We reject any form of abuse or exploitation of artists. No longer shall artists be expected to endure unreasonable working hours without proper compensation or suffer from undesired behaviors in their workplace. We strive to create environments where artists feel safe, respected, and empowered to speak up against injustice.


Active Approach

It is time to break the silence. We encourage open dialogue and support systems to address issues of harassment, discrimination, and inequality in the arts. By fostering inclusive and supportive communities, we aim to cultivate spaces where every artist can thrive creatively and professionally.