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We know your struggles!

As fellow performing artists, we know how difficult it can be to find work, manage your career, plan auditions, build an online presence, and make a living from your passion.

So our mission is simple: to streamline the hustle so that you can focus on your art! 

Lanced is your career compass — a central hub designed to bring order to the often chaotic lifestyle we live as artists. On Lanced you can discover opportunities, submit and track applications, start collaborations, and manage your career trajectory all in one place.

With Lanced you have the power to build your online presence using dynamic portfolios tailored to your diverse artistic and creative talents, ensuring your work is seen by those searching for their next artist, performer, or creative. 

Imagine your public profile as a vibrant, living canvas online — not just a snapshot of your work, but a full-scale gallery of your artistic journey, accessible to potential collaborators, employers, and makers. With Lanced, you’re not just finding work; you’re exhibiting your skills in a digital showcase that’s open 24/7.

And the best part? Lanced is completely free for artists! We’re committed to fostering a community where your career can thrive, without barriers. Because to us, empowering artists isn’t just part of the job — it’s our passion.

With love, 

Team Lanced