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We are revolutionizing the Entertainment Industry with an all-in-one talent & production management platform powered by AI. From recruiting and hiring to planning and budgeting, Lanced is designed to support artists, makers, and companies at all stages of creating a production, show or project.

Bridging the gap between disciplines, sectors, and entire industries, we are working towards a better connected and collaborative future for the workforce of the larger Creative and Cultural Industries.聽

We are not just a company with a nice product. We are artists. We are pioneers. We have been in the trenches and lived through the struggles ourselves. And we are obsessed with tech.聽

馃 We believe that AI will empower the next generation of artists, makers, storytellers, and creatives to create more time and cost-efficient.

馃挵 We believe artists shouldn’t pay for finding and applying for work opportunities. Artists should not be exploited and must be paid fairly.

馃 We believe in fair pay, transparency, equity, accessibility, diversity, and community.

馃殌 We envision a future where artists reclaim their agency and where being a professional artist is less of a struggle. Tech will be the great catalyst in achieving that.聽

The ‘behind the scenes’ of the Entertainment Industry are primed for disruption and Lanced stands at the forefront through innovation, collaboration, and automation.聽

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A timeline of lanced

Nolan Update

We are currently working on various partnerships with organizations and companies to expand our reach and develop new features.


Partnerships & Collaborations

V1 Launch & MRR

We launched V1 of our platform in November 2023 and closed our first annual (test) subscriptions with theaters in Germany and Switzerland.

November 2023


CultTech Accelerator

From March till June 2023 we were part of the CultTech accelerator in Vienna. Together with various coaches (ex-Speedinvest) and mentors we worked on our business fundamentals and pivoted our business model.

March - June 2023

Business Foundation

MVP Launch & Paid Trials

We launched our MVP in December 2022 and ran various trials and 2 paid test trials through March 2023 with theaters and project-based companies in Europe. The MVP was predominantly used for dance auditions.

December 2022


Lanced for Companies (B2B SaaS)

We offer a B2B-SaaS tool for companies to organize and manage their various recruitment and hiring processes.
This product is called ‘the Artistic Recruitment Hub’ and further serves as an enabler of the talent network. 

Lanced For Companies

Companies love our platform!

From Artistic Directors to Company Managers, everybody using Lanced gives our platform and customer service rave reviews 馃ぉ

Susan McDonald Staatstheater Braunschweig (DE)

I have organized dance company auditions for over 20 years. Using Lanced is a revolution for this process! Lanced is extremely user-friendly and saves an enormous amount of time by having a clearly set out structure. With just a click of a button, you can view a dancer's showreel, motivation letter, CV, and photos! I look forward to using Lanced next season for our audition process.

Wanda Puvogel Luzerner Theater (CH)

Such a great tool! Lanced was a huge help during our last audition. The system is extremely logical, versatile, easy to work with, and made all stages of preparing for the actual audition so much easier. Lanced was clearly created by people who know the field from all perspectives, they are aware of the interests of both the company and the dancers alike. At the same time, they understand the complexity of the process.

Isabelle Nelson Buhnen Bern (CH)

Lanced is finally a tool that helps to avoid the big admin mess of auditions: no exploding email inbox, no searching for video links, CVs, or other important information. And last but not least, Lanced has a direct one-click-response system to invite or reject dancers. The stunning interface where you can see all your selected candidates next to each other makes this tool even better!

Targeting The Global Entertainment Industry

Tailored to all entertainment sectors

Sector by sector, the principle problem is the same: finding talent takes time that people don't have. Starting out in DANCE, we have the opportunity to address the entire 2.4 trillion USD global market that is the Entertainment Industry.


Performing Arts


Live Entertainment




Film & TV



Pre Seed Stage

No Bullshit,
this is where we're at today 馃憠

Summary Overview

There are 3 main stages that Lanced seeks to improve when it comes to creating a production. Each stage requires a different approach. Ultimately we are working towards a platform where companies may choose which tools they would like to use (following the Hubspot model).聽

We are first focused on the Recruitment and Hiring stage. Here we are working towards a LinkedIn-type model/platform where professionals have profiles and companies have access to fitting tools to recruit these professionals. Think of auditioning and casting tools.聽

During our Pre-Seed and Seed phase, we will focus on this first stage. We further feel that adding a more social layer to the platform will ignite more network effects and benefit our value proposition and growth strategy in different sectors and markets.


Artistic Recruitment

  • Audition Managements Tools
  • Visual Recruiter
  • Artist Profiles & Portfolios
  • Talent Database
  • Networking Features
  • Casting Proposals


Production Planning

  • Production Calendar
  • Schedules
  • Call Sheets


Financial Services

  • Budgeting Tools
  • Payrolling
  • Expenses Tracking

The Lanced Journal

Quarterly company updates for advisors, ambassadors, partners and (potential) investors.

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  • #3 The Graham Update | 2023 Q3
  • #2 Pitching Lanced | 2023 Q2
  • #1 CultTech Accelerator | Q1 2023

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