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OFEN Co-Arts, specialises in crafting safe and nurturing environments within the vibrant dance and performing arts world. Through their consulting services, they collaborate with dance organisations, theatres, companies, and diverse groups across the sector and nonprofit entities to cultivate inclusive workplace cultures and methods that prioritise well-being and creativity.

Embracing a nuanced approach, they navigate the intricacies of each unique setting, fostering a culture of inclusivity, fairness, and safety, so that people can do their best work. 

  • Fair Practises
  • Healthy Work Environments

Learn with OFEN Co-Arts

Creating safe spaces in dance and the performing arts

Workshop: Speaking Up

Explore the concept of voice for dancers within a culture of silence. Learn effective ways to speak up, whom to address, what to communicate, and navigate power dynamics. Through a detailed mind map, participants grasp the process of speaking up, including incident documentation and decision-making. Elevate your team’s ability to address issues, concerns, and ideas, fostering responsiveness and accountability in the workspace with essential communication skills.

Consulting for Organizations: IMPROVING WELL-BEING

We conduct comprehensive assessments to evaluate the current state of well-being within the organisation. This could involve surveys, interviews, and focus groups to gather insights from employees, dancers, instructors, and other stakeholders, and then work to instigate and maintain factors that improve wellbeing.

Workshop: Developing Ethical Engagement

Fostering Communication, Consent, and Feedback Empower your team with our workshop, “Developing Ethical Engagement.” Tailored for dance or performing arts, this session equips participants with skills for respectful workplaces. OFEN’s workshop offers practical ethical engagement and inclusivity tools, from communication to consent frameworks. Schedule one today to foster a safe, valued workplace.

Mentoring for Artists:

Aimed at professional dancers, dance students, artists, directors, teachers, arts managers, arts workers who want support in their work practices. Mentorship includes: 2 x 30 minute Zoom consults per month. Ongoing contact through Whatsapp for any other needs, questions, support (E.g. leave a voice message about a situation you are facing and need support with, or send us a tricky work email to look over etc.)