Reduce Audition Stress!

The Visual Recruiter:
review with ease

View each applicant's materials on a single page in the blink of an eye 🤯

Forget about online forms, lengthy excel sheets, exploding email inboxes, and Youtube videos that won’t play… 

Lanced organizes all applicants and their materials automatically across every stage of your audition or casting.

Our visual-first approach helps you save time, decide faster, and enjoy the process of finding your next artist again!

  • Showreel & Videos No Youtube or Vimeo links!
  • Resumes Experiences, Education & Biographies
  • Photos View as many as requested
  • Application Info Motivation Letters & Personal Details
  • Additional Media Audio Files & Documents
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Faster than Email

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Faster than Forms

A visual-first approach to applications like no other 😉

The Visual Recruiter is the core product of Lanced. We've talked to many directors and company managers about their audition process. One thing became quickly clear: receiving 1000s of applications is a messy and immensely time-consuming process! 

Opening Youtube and Vimeo links (if the links aren't broken), downloading resumes and manually creating lists of who is invited and who isn't. What a headache!

So we built the Visual Recruiter.

This tool effectively reduces the amount of tasks related to the reviewing process. By directly presenting an applicant with all their materials on one page and automating the selection list and communications, we help you focus on what truly matters... finding the best artist for your next production!

Susan McDonald Staatstheater Braunschweig (DE)

I have organized dance company auditions for over 20 years. Using Lanced is a revolution for this process! Lanced is extremely user-friendly and saves an enormous amount of time by having a clearly set out structure. With just a click of a button, you can view a dancer's showreel, motivation letter, CV, and photos! I look forward to using Lanced next season for our audition process.

Wanda Puvogel Luzerner Theater (CH)

Such a great tool! Lanced was a huge help during our last audition. The system is extremely logical, versatile, easy to work with, and made all stages of preparing for the actual audition so much easier. Lanced was clearly created by people who know the field from all perspectives, they are aware of the interests of both the company and the dancers alike. At the same time, they understand the complexity of the process.

Isabelle Nelson Buhnen Bern (CH)

Lanced is finally a tool that helps to avoid the big admin mess of auditions: no exploding email inbox, no searching for video links, CVs, or other important information. And last but not least, Lanced has a direct one-click-response system to invite or reject dancers. The stunning interface where you can see all your selected candidates next to each other makes this tool even better!